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The minimalist philosophy and timelessly simple style behind Scandinavian design have allowed the concept to endure for decades – and it continues to be one of the most popular go-to styles to achieve a bright, modern interior. With a focus on function and form over temporary trends, Scandinavian-inspired furnishings make great investment pieces that will easily complement any home décor.



Design Tips

Avoid dark colors.

One of the key components of Scandinavian style is an emphasis on bright, airy environments, so stick to light, soft hues. Greys, whites, and pale, pastel shades are ideal.

Limit accessories.

Avoid creating visual clutter by aiming for few accessories that each achieve a solid purpose – area rugs for added warmth, stark light fixtures and mirrors to keep the room bright, and bold, colorful accents like throw pillows or art pieces to provide interest.



Provide balance.

The color palette and organic materials that dominate Scandinavian design can often make a space feel overly feminine, so incorporating contrasting pieces with a more masculine aesthetic helps achieve a sense of balance. Choose something like an industrial bookcase, a raw wood coffee table, or a metallic pendant lamp.

Focus on function.

Scandinavian pieces are utilitarian by nature, so stay away from fussy items with too many embellishments. Instead, look for products that feature clean, modern lines and limit the frills to smaller, functional accents.


Where to Shop


Working with professional contemporary designers, Muuto expands on the heritage of the Scandinavian philosophy. They offer a bold interpretation of the utilitarian craftsmanship and enduring aesthetic that Scandinavian design is known for.

Our favorites:


Outline Sofa



Crushed Bowl





Recognized for their functional designs that maintain a strong sense of style, Gubi celebrates the “luxury of living life” – a perfect embodiment of the Scandinavian aesthetic. Their pieces are simple, elegant, and timeless.


Our favorites:


Beetle Dining Chair



Modern Line Pouf






Specializing in Scandinavian design objects and furnishings, Menu focuses on creating clever solutions for modern living. Through collaborations with local craftspeople, this company offers beautifully designed objects ideally suited for everyday use.


Our favorites:


Wine Breather



Marble Wall Clock




Normann Copenhagen


The innovative contemporary design pioneering by this Danish company borrows from the Nordic philosophy to create extraordinary products out of ordinary objects. These modern and minimalistic pieces incorporate vibrant color with classic, clean Scandinavian design to offer a unique twist.


Our favorites:


Rope Sofa



Oona Carpet






Beauty, harmony, and balance are perfectly captured in the Scandinavian-inspired pieces offered by &tradition. This company brings Nordic tradition, materials, and techniques to contemporary design, creating well-crafted products that are made to last.


Our favorites:


Palette Table



True Colour Vases




Mater Design


Established in Denmark, Mater provides high-end, luxury products that showcase iconic Scandinavian design. The company’s ethical business strategy ensures each piece is constructed with methods and materials that support local craft traditions, people, and the environment.


Our favorites:



Alu Bowl Table



Northern Lighting


Inspired by Scandinavian tradition, this company creates lighting products that illuminate interiors with a soft, relaxing glow – guided by the moody character of the Nordic light. Their commitment to the Scandinavian philosophy shines through in the quality and sustainability of their pieces.


Our favorites:





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