Amanda Paige Interiors is a boutique interior design studio that specializes in furnishing contemporary residential and commercial spaces. The studio emphasizes clean lines, playful contrast, and rich texture as a foundation for environments that are expressive, timeless, and deeply personal to their occupants.

Led by principal designer and founder, Amanda Stoopler, the Amanda Paige Interiors portfolio includes commercial residential projects completed both domestically and internationally. Through close collaboration with clients, both in-person and online, we tailor each design plan to satisfy their personal needs.


Principal & Founder

Amanda Stoopler is the founder and principal of Amanda Paige Interiors. Working collaboratively with her clients, Amanda cultivates meaningful relationships while bringing ideas and inspiration to life through personal  designs for both commercial and residential spaces.

From a young age, Amanda was intrigued by color, texture, and art. She could usually be found exploring galleries in Chelsea or learning more about new creative directors and designers in the fashion world. Her travels through Europe exposed her to a variety of aesthetics, which are reflected in her designs. She began her professional career untraditionally, working in fashion with the studios of Zac Posen and Diane von Furstenberg while receiving an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business Administration from George Washington University.

Blending her background in psychology with her experience in fashion, Amanda’s keen sense of color, fabric, emotion, and proportion helped her make the inevitable transition to interior design – her true passion. Her impact on the design industry was immediate, as Amanda was tasked with overseeing projects for an over $3 billion real estate portfolio.

For Amanda, interior design is about creating a comfortable space that evokes emotion and reflects a client’s individual personality. Her intuition and knowledge of human nature results in a unique interpretation of diverse client needs and an  understanding of how mood is affected by one's environment. Learn more about Amanda’s approach to design on our blog.

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