Purchasing (Affordable) Art Online

Galleries Aren’t The Only Option In Town

Finding the right art to hang on your walls doesn’t have to be costly. While building a collection of unique pieces is a sound investment into your interior design, it can be intimidating to start shopping – especially if you’re not a regular gallery-goer. However, there are many other ways to buy art, if you don’t mind doing a little browsing to find a good deal on the right piece.

From abstract paintings to vivid photography, these sites offer a wide variety of pieces at reasonable prices – giving you the perfect opportunity to start curating an art collection of your own.

Morrison Hotel Gallery

With fine art photography that documents the most memorable moments in music history, Morrison Hotel Gallery’s incredible selection of iconic images can be sorted by genre, time period, or medium – making it quick and easy to find exactly the right piece to represent your own taste. Photographs are priced as low as $250.


This Austin-based start-up features exclusive prints by some of the most notable artists today. These artists are distinguished, multifaceted, and paid fairly through their collaboration with the curatorial team – and they make it easy for even new buyers to acquire world-classes pieces without having to visit galleries in major cities like New York or Los Angeles.


Print Club London

With limited edition screenprints by established and emerging artists in categories ranging from food to typography, Print Club London’s catalogue caters to all kinds of aesthetics. Each piece is hand-signed by the artist prior to shipping, which means they will retain their value – especially if you invest in a print by an up-and-coming artist who goes on to become a household name.


These limited edition, museum-quality fine art photographs cover a wide range of subject matter, including portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and nature. With limited runs of 75 to 150 prints, LUMAS is able to provide even large-format photo art at a price point affordable to most. LUMAS has digital consultants on-hand to help find the perfect piece to suit your space.

Cobra Art

We first came across this Netherlands-based art company at a trade show, and fell in love with the quality of their work. From artistic nudes to pop art, Cobra’s expansive collection can help anyone upgrade their décor. Their luxury line features innovative materials like liquid gloss, metal paint, plexiglass, and resin.


This online platform offers a tightly edited collection of pieces selected from international art fairs, galleries, and even artists’ studios – giving anyone the opportunity to discover new contemporary art and start a collection of their own. These limited prints are exclusive to ArtStar and can’t be found in any other galleries.

Sara Zaher

This Cairo-born young artist has garnered international attention for her colorful pieces, most of which provide a cynical commentary on the world’s current cultural and sociopolitical climate. Art lovers with a sense of humor will appreciate Sara Zaher’s unique collection of giclée prints.


YellowKorner provides a place to connect buyers with the biggest talents in the world of art – of yesterday, tomorrow, and today. Each piece in the collection has been selected by YellowKorner’s photography experts and talent scouts – so collectors are bound to find a unique piece by some of most acclaimed photographers around the globe. You’ll also be able to read about how the artist created each print, before you make your purchase.

These Fine Walls

This accessible platform gives collectors a simple way to browse and purchase pieces by undiscovered and established artists from around the world – featuring artworks that inspire, intrigue, and invigorate. These Fine Walls showcases both personal and editorial work by select photographers, taking creative images straight from the pages of magazines and displaying them as exclusive fine art prints.

David Praise

David Praise offers bright, cheerful images that will evoke a light-hearted feeling in almost anyone. Rather than making a serious statement, Praise’s work leaves plenty of room for fun and nostalgia – and the modern design appeal of these pieces make them a welcome addition to any space. It’s art that “makes you smile,” especially if you grew up with these plastic dolls.