The Coffee Table Books You Need

Coffee Table Essentials

Showcasing a well-curated set of books in the middle of your living room is the perfect opportunity to add some personality to your décor and give your guests something interesting to look at. The ideal coffee table book offers beautiful images, intriguing information, and a sharply designed cover. These ten 2017 releases are great options if you’re looking for something different.


If you want to make the best mixed drinks



Award-winning designer and producer Mark Addison’s Cocktail Chameleon provides cocktail enthusiasts with 144 of his signature takes on classic mixed drinks. From the Bloody Mary to the Margarita, Addison offers larger-than-life images alongside detailed instructions to guide your inner barkeep through molecular mixology and the reinvention of traditional favorites.

This coffee table book will do more than just decorate your living room. Addison is an expert on celebrating in style, and his newest book will encourage you to bump up the class at your next dinner party – and will even make relaxing with a drink at the end of the day a truly indulgent experience.


If you’ve been hit by the travel bug



Immerse yourself in the signature style of magnetic Ibiza with this collaboration by fashion stylist and editor Renu Kashyap and travel writer Maya Boyd. Together, Kashyap and Boyd take readers on a journey through the hippie-chic wonderland that has long-been a source of inspiration for the world’s creatives. You’ll explore scenic landscapes, organic Mediterranean architecture, colorful characters, and chic interiors – without leaving your living room.

Filled with thoughtful photographs, Ibiza Bohemia is an intimate portrait of a quintessential Balearic island from the perspective of the many bohemians who call it home.


If you’re a fan of iconic, modern architecture


This impressive volume showcases a large selection of early works created by pioneering and visionary contemporary architect Zaha Hadid, dating from the 1970s to the early 1990s. Rarely-seen drawings and paintings by this accomplished artist and talented calligrapher are presented alongside early notebooks and digital visual work – much of which was later incorporated into her architectural practice.

As you work your way through the collection, you’ll understand Hadid’s Russian avant-garde influence and recognize the themes of lightness and weightlessness incorporated throughout Hadid’s work. This revealing coffee table book uncovers how drawing formed the true heart of Hadid’s architectural innovation.


If you want to be inspired by great art



If you’re not familiar with the work of KAWS, this brilliant coffee table book will provide the perfect introduction. Drawing on inspiration from pop artists like Andy Warhol and graffiti, KAWS’ pieces are a juxtaposition of art and fashion, of high art and low art. You’ll recognize familiar characters, effects, and images that are ingrained in our consumer culture, presented in KAWS’ innovative style.

Where The End Starts takes readers deep into the artist’s prolific career, presenting key paintings, drawings, sculptures, toys, and even fashion and advertising designs. Contributed pieces by Andrea Karnes, Michael Auping, Dieter Buchhart, and Pharrell Williams highlight KAWS’ development over more than two decades of collaborative art making.


If you can’t get enough adventure



Find out more of what the world has to offer in The Bucket List by Kath Stathers. Through the pages of this book, you’ll be able to explore ideas for self-improvement, outdoor activity, visiting natural wonders, experiencing unique cultures, and sampling culinary delights. This detailed guide might inspire the next step in your own journey – you’ll no doubt add a few ideas to your own bucket list.

Many of these suggested activities are geographically unique and location-specific, although some adventures can be had almost anywhere on earth. Alongside each destination, Stathers includes listings of beaches, monuments, museums, restaurants, inns, and more – so you won’t miss a thing.


If you want a new perspective on photography



View the earth from high above with this collection of images from Dronestagram, the world’s leading drone photography website. Curated by photography editor Ayperi Karabuda, the book presents 250 dramatic aerial shots accompanied by detailed commentary that reveals how each image was created. From a brand-new vantage point, Dronescapes offers a fresh take on waterfalls, birds in flight, and monuments around the world.

The volume also features a section on using drones, with concise instructions for beginners. With plenty of inspiration contained in the pages of this book, perhaps you, too, can start capturing a bird’s-eye view of the world around you.


If you’re looking to improve your skills in the kitchen



Named after author Julia Sherman’s popular blog, Salad for President, this cookbook is an expressive collection of contributions and interviews with artists presented with more than 75 signature salad recipes. While Sherman’s recipes are admittedly “vegetable obsessed,” they’re not vegetarian, and the book urges readers to rediscover salad’s potential as an everyday indulgence.

Sherman’s debut cookbook also includes tips on growing your own high-quality produce, must-have pantry staples, and a unique window into the lives and kitchens of other creatives – sculptors, painters, musicians, and photographers.


If you simply live for fashion



Tziporah Salamon’s The Art of Dressing is an inspiring guide to timeless style. Revealing the fashion secrets of chic older women, Salamon’s book offers practical tips and how-to instruction that readers can use to inspire their own outfits and wardrobes.

Complete with rich photography and colorful characters, this book will become your trusted ally as it covers all the principles of good dressing. From shopping for closet essentials to learning to dress for your body type, Salamon proves that dressing is a creative, artful pursuit.


If you’re a little bit crafty



Acclaimed master floral designer Paula Pryke offers wisdom and insight into the delicate art of creating clean, classic, and contemporary bouquets. Punctuated with colorful images, The Art of Flower Arranging guides readers through the entire creative process – from finding a source of inspiration to completing a unique, beautiful piece of organic art.

Pryke’s hardcover provides all the advice you need to make stunning arrangements of your own, with practical ideas, detailed techniques, and even a section on tools and equipment. At the very least, it might give you a little inspiration to incorporate more flowers into your home décor.


If you need a little self-love



This remarkably moving book tells the modest story of author Fumio Sasaki’s journey as he adopts a minimalist lifestyle. From a place of freedom, focus, and gratitude, Sasaki shares his humble story in a straightforward and sincere way. He uncovers the life-changing lessons he learned as his mentality began to shift, and even reveals his path to true happiness.

With thoughtful encouragement, Sasaki encourages readers to embrace the potential minimalism offers to live better while having less – offering deep insight into the many benefits this pared-down lifestyle can provide.

The selection of coffee table books you display in your home should be as diverse as your interests. For even more stylish books that will accent your décor, check new releases by publishers like Taschen, Assouline, Rizzoli, and Phaidon.