Must-Haves for the Perfect Kitchen

It’s All in the Appliances

A strong kitchen design encompasses a wide range of essential elements, but your appliances are arguably the most important. These fixtures will become major focal points in the space and have a significant impact on the overall feel of your kitchen.

Since these items are an often expensive (but necessary) investment, you’ll want to choose appliances and accessories that will remain fashionable and functional for years to come. This collection of items and brands offers an ideal combination of timeless design and lasting durability to help you make the most of your kitchen.


Best refrigerators


If you’re looking to move away from the traditional look of the kitchen, SubZero fridges offer a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic. Created to be the same depth as standard kitchen counters, with no visible hinges or grilles, these integrated units are virtually indistinguishable from other cabinets and drawers – the perfect design for a modern kitchen.


For the technologically-minded, Samsung fridges are a dream come true. These sleek, modern appliances come in both silver and black stainless steel and offer tons of intuitive details – the FamilyHub feature allows you to create shopping lists, set expiration notifications to ensure your food is fresh, and even play music and movies right from your fridge.

Last year, Samsung acquired Dacor and this spring, launched an innovative new collection of luxury appliances for the “affluent kitchen.” Their Modernist Collection features clean lines and a dramatic graphite finish.


There’s no better product on the market for storing food – the SuperCool function in a Liebherr fridge provides a uniform temperature to keep your groceries fresh and cold, preserving the flavor of your food for much longer, and their freezers get down to a frosty -25 degrees. Liebherr even has a fast-chill option, perfect for when you need to quickly cool down a bottle of wine before a last-minute dinner party.

Best ovens


Like their line of SubZero fridges, Wolf ranges, cooktops, and built-ins are engineered to enhance the design of your contemporary kitchen. The gas ranges offer restaurant-quality control to ensure that even the most inexperienced chef can cook with finesse (or at least look like it), and cooktops can be easily reconfigured with a griddle, charbroiler, or a French top.


There’s a reason why Viking products can be found in two-thirds of commercial kitchens – not only are these ovens attractive, they’re incredibly high-quality, durable pieces that will last for years. And with seven different finishes to choose from, they can be customized to suit any interior.


Thermador has been a reliable and iconic kitchen staple for more than 75 years – mainly due to their cutting-edge technology, like the patented Star burner. Their cooking line features tons of innovative options for chefs, including superior ventilation, warming drawers, built-in coffee machines, and microwaves, in addition to their stylish ranges, ovens, and cooktops.

Best extras


It’s easy to overlook something as small as knives, but having a high-quality set can make any prep task much quicker and more enjoyable. In addition to basic sets that should be included in any kitchen, Shun has a range of professional tools for the barbecue, gorgeous cutting boards, and specialized knives for more advanced chefs.


A beautiful set of cookware can be more than just tools to prepare meals – it can be treated like sculptural art, displayed in your kitchen on open shelves or hung above your island. While aesthetics are important, you’ll also want to invest in a set that is durable and functional. Calphalon and All-Clad are well-designed, must-have choices.

Toaster ovens / microwaves

While microwaves and toaster ovens get a lot of use, they’re often not the most attractive items to have displayed on your countertop. The June oven, though, features a simple, elegant design and a superior performance. It even comes with an HD camera, so the oven knows exactly what you’re cooking – and will suggest the best way to prepare it. And thanks to the June app, you’ll have complete control over your oven from the comfort of your couch.

Instant hot water

It’s shocking the amount of water that is wasted by most households every year – and a lot of that waste comes from running water right down the drain while you wait for hot water. A recirculation system can save you time and money by providing you with instant hot water the minute you turn on the tap. It’s not just a luxury – it helps the environment, too.

Built-in wine refrigerator

For a top-quality wine experience, you’ll need a stylish cabinet to store your bottles. The ideal wine refrigerator will blend seamlessly into the design of your kitchen while providing accurate control over temperature, humidity, light, and vibration – which can impact your wine’s character and complexity. You’ll be able to trust your wines (and your cigars) to cabinets designed by reliable brands like Liebherr or SubZero.

Bibo Barmaid

Bibo is basically a Keurig for happy hour – allowing you to indulge in perfectly prepared cocktails without having to leave the comfort of home. Not only is the device ideal for parties where no one wants to get stuck playing bartender, it’s also a great way to enjoy an expertly-mixed post-work Mai Tai while you cook up some dinner.

Wim Yogurt Maker

Single-serve portions of frozen yogurt are ready in just ten minutes with this handy little gadget – and while it may seem unnecessary when you can just pick up a pint of yogurt and keep it cold in the freezer, the freshly-frozen treats prepared by the Wim are creamier, smoother, and more flavorful.