Gucci’s First Home Collection

Gucci’s Entrance Into Home Décor


In July, Gucci announced an exciting move into the world of home décor, with a brand new line designed by creative director Alessandro Michele. This bohemian collection includes large pieces like folding screens and eclectic wallpapers and smaller home accents like cushions and vintage-inspired folding trays.

The line also includes pieces that were created in collaboration with Richard Ginori – an Italian porcelain company where Michele serves as creative director – and intricate wooden chairs with embroidered velvet upholstery that take up to ten hours to create. Four newly developed fall scents, named Inventum, Herbosum, Esotericum, and Fumus, are featured in the line’s candles and incense.

If you’re familiar with Gucci’s more recent fashion collections, you’ll recognize some of the floral and animal motifs used in the Italian fashion house’s new home line – these whimsical designs have been mainstays on the runway since Michele started working with Gucci in 2015. In fact, the decorative cat cushions have already become cult favorites since they were first spotted at fashion shows.

While Gucci isn’t the first fashion brand to venture into home décor, Michele has admitted in the past that he considered leaving the world of couture to pursue a career in interior design. According to a statement from the designer, his passion for interiors hasn’t faded – the goal of this new collection was to create unique pieces that allow for flexible, customizable living spaces.

“If you make pieces easily moveable, you can constantly dress, and re-dress your environment,” he said in a press release issued by Gucci in July.

With a playful edginess that dramatically offsets Gucci’s classic contemporary romanticism, these pieces are the ideal embodiment of modern luxury. The Gucci home collection will be available from the brand’s web store and specialty physical stores this September, and we already can’t wait to start infusing our spaces with an inspired hint of Gucci luxury.

Check out some of our favorites: