Get This Look: Minimalism

For a Simpler Life

Minimalism’s simplistic functionality makes for a timeless aesthetic, which has helped this style of interior design maintain its appeal for decades. The “less is more” ideology of minimalism extends from architecture and web design all the way to lifestyle philosophy – and it all starts with removing all but what is absolutely essential.



Looking to incorporate a more minimalist approach to your own interior design? Get inspired by our list of favorite products to help you achieve this pared-down, contemporary style.


Peace Meets Quiet by Morgan Robinson

This large abstract sculpture is simple enough to be minimalistic, but with its gentle, organic form and pop of warm gold, it will help soften the stark contrast of a traditionally minimalist design.


Helium Chair by Maya Prokhorova

The goal of minimalism is to create as little visual clutter as you possibly can – and with this nearly transparent chair, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that goal.


Tobi-Ishi Outdoor Table from B&B Italia

Bring a little Zen into your space with this sculptural table, which draws inspiration from the smooth stones that are traditionally found in Japanese gardens.


Monument II Chair by Lukas Machnik

This chair’s blocky shape showcases the bold horizontal and vertical lines that are popular in minimalist design, paring down the traditional silhouette of a chair to its most basic geometric form. The soft grain of the wood helps maintain texture and warmth.


Rollingin Cart from Mingardo

Serve up even the most complex cocktails with this simplistic bar cart. With clean lines, blocky shapes, and functional style, this cart is a near perfect embodiment of the “de stijl” art movement that inspired minimalism.


QS Hiro Side Table from Noir Furniturela

Stripped down to basic geometric forms, the Hiro side table would be at home in any minimalist living room or bedroom. This piece also features a slightly rustic metal finish to balance out its modern appeal.


Ceramic Cylinder with Metal Stand from Pigment

Give your plants a functionally minimalistic home with this 1950s inspired pot and stand. A tall cactus or a burst of leafy green could warm up a traditionally cold minimalist aesthetic – and this stylish pot is an ideal way to show it off.


Arc Wall Lamp from Allied Maker

The clean lines and dark color of this lamp create stark contrast from the crisp white walls that are popular in minimalist design. With a beautiful wooden handle, this lamp can be swivelled on the wall to cast warm light throughout your living room or bedroom.


Calla Lily Arrangement from New Growth Designs

For a burst of organic greenery that still offers minimalist appeal, adorn your dining room table, kitchen island, or living room console with these gorgeous blooms. The repeated diagonal lines created by the stems are clean and simple, free of distractions like leaves or other greenery.


Frank Stool by Okha

With bold contrast and simple geometric shapes, this functional and stylish stool would be a great addition to any minimalist kitchen or bar area.


Lark Console by Holly Hunt

The long, slim legs of this table create strong vertical lines that would be ideally off-set by a crisp, white wall – just be sure to keep the table’s smooth surface free of unnecessary clutter to maintain that minimalist philosophy.


Tailor Sofa from Fair Design

This piece is on the Scandinavian side of minimalism, but the pared-down look of this couch would make it perfectly suited to a minimalist interior. The soft texture of the sofa provides a bit of warmth and comfort, contrasted beautifully by the simple frame – complete with clean vertical and horizontal lines.