Best Buys: Candles and Home Fragrance

The Fragrances You Need Now

Creating a signature fragrance for your home by layering different scents is a great way to make your space feel personal and comfortable. With a solid understanding of how to choose aromas that will enhance your aesthetic, check out our list of the best buys in the home fragrance market.

Holy Smoke by Rituals



Rosewood provides the base scent for this richly fragranced candle, offering an elegant, soothing aroma that is perfect for a living room or bedroom. If you’re in the mood for a long soak in the tub, bring this candle into the bathroom for a little extra luxury.


Bibliothèque by BYREDO



With a name that means “library,” this leather-scented candle would certainly be at home in a study – but with hints of vanilla, peach, plum, and patchouli, it provides a heavy, multi-layered fragrance that can work in almost any space. Maybe not the kitchen, though.


Baies by diptyque



The bright, fruity fragrance infused in this candle is ideal for the bathroom, combining the breezy freshness of a bouquet of roses with the sweet scent of blackcurrant leaves. Enjoy this one throughout the winter to relive memories of summers gone by.


Colonia Oud by Acqua di Parma



Infuse your bedroom with the warmth and sensuality of Colonia Oud – a sophisticated fragrance inspired by the romance of the Middle East. With woody notes of Amyris, Russian coriander, and agarwood oil playing off a strong base of leather, patchouli, and musk, this masculine scent is both assertive and relaxing.


Dark Rum by Malin+Goetz



Inspired by traditional bay rum, this contemporary interpretation blends top notes of plum and bergamot with hints of leather and rum. The rich fragrance is balanced by a base of vanilla and amber-patchouli, creating a deep, warm aroma that will make your bedroom or living space feel cozier than ever.


Santal 26 by Le Labo



This scent is best described as “aristocratic” – ideal for a home office or any space with a strong, masculine aesthetic. With hints of smoke and leather, the fragrance is reminiscent of an old-school study, complete with vintage books and the leftover haze of cigars long-past.


Ocean Mist & Sea Salt by Nest Fragrances



Transport yourself to the coast with this refreshing aroma, featuring notes of white tea, coconut, and sea salt. The simple, elegant diffuser would fit into any bathroom décor, or could even offer a bit of oceanside inspiration in the kitchen.


Cire Trudon duet by Barneys



With two complementary fragrances, this candle set is a great way to start curating your own signature scent. The Positano candle provides a feminine, floral scent with hints of jasmine, lily, gardenia, orange blossom, and bergamot, while the Rose Poivrée offers a more masculine aroma with dominating notes of sandalwood and Madagascar pepper.


Brown by Costes



Although the name is relatively plain, this candle is anything but. The evocative fragrance evokes images of dusty, wooden antiques; dense woods with falling leaves; and even the sweetness of spiced rum. Perfect for almost any space, you’ll catch notes of mahogany, orange peel, paprika, and oak moss.


Rock Salt & Driftwood by Xavier Home London



For an uplifting atmosphere in the bathroom, laundry room, or even the kitchen, this candle will do the trick. Top notes of fresh linen are balanced with a driftwood base, but you’ll also pick up hints of coconut and fresh coastal florals.